Tuesday, 16 November 2010

We've got a champion!

Although this blog has been silent for a while, it can't not mention a little something about its favourite driver winning the WDC!

As a fan, you choose a driver to support for one reason or another. I spotted Sebastian putting his car on pole at Monza in 2008 and then winning that race and, you know, who doesn't love a good underdog story? Back then, it was easy to be Seb's fan. With no pressure on him and a less-than-brilliant car, all he did was impress. This year, on the other hand, hasn't been quite as straightforward.

There's no point in arguing about whether Seb deserves the championship. He had to fight it out with all the other big names in the sport and he probably lost as many points through reliability as he gained from the qualifying superiority of his car. The stats speak for themselves but there's something more impressive about his season.

It was only a few months ago that Sebastian Vettel was trailing in the championship by several points, and had just lost another bunch by crashing into Jenson Button at Spa. He was already considered the villain by many; Mark Webber was getting nothing but sympathy from the press after the team's awkward handling of the Istanbul and Silverstone incidents. Hungary had been another lost win and after that came an incident that earnt him the nickname 'crash-kid'. How does a 23-year-old bounce back from that?

In style, is the answer. In Singapore, even though he had just spent a whole race looking at Fernando Alonso's diffuser, he knew he was back. "Don't you worry, we will get them" he said calmly on the team radio at the end of the race. Next time round, he did what he does best: pole position and a race win at his beloved Suzuka, all in one day, put him back into the championship hunt.

Just before his engine blew up in Korea, he was on course to lead the championship for the first time. It didn't happen. He put the fire out, consoled the team, and decided to come back stronger. Two races and two wins later, he was the World Champion. Abu Dhabi was the first time Sebastian had led the championship in his career. Make your own jokes about German efficiency.

When Jenson Button won last year, you could see the relief in his eyes. He had been the leader all year and it was his to lose. In contrast, Sebastian just couldn't believe it. His reaction on the radio was heartwarmingly emotional and he looked completely in awe afterwards. And understandably so; after a year of dismal luck, everything had gone his way in the last race.

If you believe in fairytales, then the right guy won. Of course, in real life, things are not just black or white. Sebastian might not be the perfect champion (and who is?), but he is certainly a deserving one. And he'll only get better.


RubberGoat said...

Very well written. I think it's hard to dislike Vettel even after the events of this year. He's a nice guy and a bloody quick driver, yet one senses that he could get better still as he matures.

Congrats to him for doing just that little bit more than his rivals to come out on top!

Ino said...

Yeah, I agree. I think he managed to restore some of his reputation as well by just being more relaxed. He admitted it was a difficult mid-season for him.

There's certainly room for improvement and I'm sure the championship will give him the confidence to get better and better. I'm certainly looking forward to it! :)

martienn said...

amazing :D
interesting notes !

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